My Vision for this Site

I am so excited to finally be bringing this website live. This has been something that has been on my mind for a long time. To begin, my own entrepreneurial spirit began a few years ago, but really ignited within the last year when I started to do a lot of personal development and self-reflection. I am currently the owner of a digital marketing company for physician practices. The idea of doing a non-clinical role in medicine is very new to me and to many physicians. During medical school, I often thought about what my life would be if I didn't do medicine, but the debt and family pressures were so overwhelming that I stuck to the course. It was also hard to talk about leaving medicine or not practicing medicine with other people because the response would often be "well you've wasted your life and education then". I've looked online and there weren't full job boards only for physicians who want to find non-clinical careers. Instead, was the route where I would always check for non-clinical careers. I knew I needed to create this job board.

But this website is more than just a job board, it is a community to support medical students, residents, and practicing physicians who are contemplating a transition change, curious about non-clinical careers for physicians, or have entered the non-clinical realm.

This job board is also a platform to connect individuals to resources and jobs, so there will also be virtual career fairs, question and answer sessions, etc. I also envision this website as a learning platform, where there will be opportunities to train and learn in new skills that may help the individual make the transition into a new career.

Every week, I will send out a newsletters with new information regarding interesting non-clinical careers, interviews with physicians doing those non-clinical careers, tips on making the career transition, and much more. 

Let's get started! To your success!