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Board Certification in Medical Affairs Program Progress: Module 1

Tonight, I went ahead and began my first module of the training. As an overview, there are a total of 20 modules and each module contains mini-modules. This first module contained 17 mini modules inside it. 

The module was an overview of the pharmaceutical industry and process, including details on the pharmaceutical industry history, drug development phases, etc. 

There are many diagrams and photos to help consolidate the information.

There was even a section on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology in clinical trials, which I thought was pretty cool.

The entire module and quiz took me about an hour and a half to finish, so totally doable. The module started off with a quiz to assess your knowledge (or in my case, lack of knowledge). I got a whopping 30% on the pre-quiz. At the end of the module, you take the quiz again and must get 80% in order to pass.

Initially, I got a 50%, but on my second attempt I passed with 80%. I found the questions helped me interpret and recall the information I learned. I also went back to re-read a few sections as well to better understand the questions.

So far, so good!

I like how I pretty much did this entire training in my pajamas on my comfy sofa and got CME credit from it, while building up my knowledge in drug development. 

Onto Module 2 tomorrow night.