About us

As a physician entrepreneur in the digital space, I do anything but lead a traditional career in medicine. But making the transition out of clinical medicine into a non-clinical role was mentally and emotionally terrifying. When I was able to make that transition mentally, I had no idea where to even start. There were physician coaches and websites that talked about non-clinical careers for physicians and how abundant they were, but only Indeed.com had a section with actual job postings for physicians looking for non-clinical jobs. They were limited in size and career diversity; it looked hopeless to be a physician not practicing traditional medicine.

That's when I realized I had to create a beautiful and functional job board with actual real live jobs that physicians could apply to. In addition, there will be a community for physicians in all stages of their careers, sharing their advice and journeys. As the community grows, there will be interviews with physicians in non-clinical careers, online training opportunities, and much more. My hope is that, if you are a physician unhappy with clinical medicine, that you know you can find a rewarding career outside of clinical medicine.

To your success,

                                     Dr. Nguyen